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My Story

Growing up, art was my instrument of expression. I held a brush in my hand before I formed full fledged sentences.

MS Paint was my early introduction to graphic design and at 14, I began editing fan videos on Windows Movie Maker for my Youtube channel where I explored my wits at video production. A true blue millenial, I spent most of my time customizing myspace pages and learning to code, which opened the doors to social media for me early on.

I'm a dreamer who lives in stories. It gives me immense pleasure to build people up and enable them to see a grander vision for themselves. Hence, here I am halfway 

across the world pursuing my passion as a Creative Director trying to do all I can in order to bring my clients’ visions to life.

I began my career in the brand and art directorial team at Paramount, Viacom and the digital marketing department at Sony Music and Creative Entertainment Network between 2015-16. An alum of Pratt Institute, I graduated with Highest Honors in 2016 in Digital Design and Interactive Media. I am also certified in Digital Editing from New York Film Academy (2013).

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Awards and Recognitions

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The Urban Romanticist

When I'm not working as a Creative Director, I morph into an Artist and a Poet dropping by literary events and exploring coffee shops usually penning poetry or making art. I have a blog by the name @TheUrbanRomanticist on instagram where I let my heart bleed my art. 

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